Culinary Traditions

French Cuisine is deeply rooted with Family at Le Lafayette French Restaurant

Chef Sebastien Maillard is a fifth generation cuisinier.

The French are known for their passion. And chef Sebastien Maillard is no exception. In his own words, he does not go to a “job” when he wakes up.  He goes to his passion—for food and creating the most incredible experience for his guests every day.  Sebastien believes he was born a chef.  He’s a fifth generation cuisinier and proudly recalls that he celebrated his very first New Year’s Eve in a playpen in his father’s restaurant. His mother was his first culinary teacher.


Le Lafayette is still very much a family restaurant. Sebastien’s sister, Valerie, is also heavily involved and his parents helped him run the restaurant until they retired in 2003.


Devoted to the culinary traditions of his homeland, Sebastien also strongly believes in drawing his ingredients from sources close to the restaurant, here in Florida, which gives his cuisine its unique identity.

Chef Sebastien’s passion is creating a beautiful dining experience every meal for his guests.

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